On Wednesday, December 7, I went to Tallahassee to promote Senate Bill 256, the bill that calls for establishing guidelines to spread concussion education, awareness, and management. I met with several state senators, telling them my story and expressing to them why they should vote for the no-cost, essential legislation that will protect the youth athletes of Florida. I also spoke in front of the Senate Health Regulation Committee in support of the bill, and the bill passed the committee unanimously. My speech can be found in the Updates section. Senator Jones, who opposed the legislation last year and caused it to not pass, was on the committee. Though it turned to be against the procedure of the Committee, I was ready to respond to his criticisms of my speech. That a seventeen year old kid who had experienced concussions was eager to confront Senator Jones I believe shows that Senator Jones will be facing a fight from a group that is very committed to passing this legislation unamended so that the kids of our state will be better protected and will have their care in the correct hands. Hopefully it is a fight that we will win. As I did this spring, I learned a lot from my trip to Tallahassee. My dad always tells me that it is a major civics lesson every time I go up there, and I agree. My trip was successful in that the bill passed the committee and that it was very educational for me. Hopefully my future trips to Tallahassee will continue to yield positive results.