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Expansion to new counties! Join us!

I am proud to say that the concussion management support system that Countywide Concussion Care developed along with UHealth  in Miami-Dade County also covers Monroe and Palm Beach Counties! This expansion effort has been aided by the support of the

U.S. Soccer’s New Rules Regarding Headers

As the Fall semester of my Junior year begins to wind down, the prevalence of concussion-related stories in the news continues to grow. As reported by CNN, U.S. Soccer, the organization that oversees the sport for the entire country, declared

Summer Update

As I prepare to start my Junior year of college and my first season as an undergraduate Varsity Soccer Coach, I cannot help but look back on how my life has been shaped by my experience with concussions and concussion

Spring Update: New Plans and A Changing Landscape

Since my last post, the world of concussion awareness has continued to become more prevalent in the conscious of American and global society. FIFA, the governing body of global soccer, along with top league such as the English Premier League

Big Events, Big Progress

Last Friday, I participated in a fantastic panel titled “Concussion: Shaping the Future of Youth Sports” at Princeton University. Here is the description of the panel in the words of the its host, Dr. Annegret Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber:   “The primary goal of

Ready to Spread Countywide Concussion Care

I write this blog having finished my second semester at Princeton in the Spring and my first summer as a counselor at Camp Androscoggin. Both experiences were fantastic opportunities to take on new responsibilities, make lasting friendships, and grow into

Winter Update

I have several things to give updates about in this edition of my blog. I completed my first semester of college at Princeton University and have loved my experience so far. The learning environment is incredible, the campus is beautiful,

Summer Update

I feel as though a quick update is due from me. The Miami Dade Countywide Concussion Care Program continues to support concussion prevention and treatment and has the foundation to do so for the foreseeable future. I have continued to

Silver Knight Award

I am very honored and proud to say that I have received the 2013 Silver Knight in Athletics for Miami Dade County! This prestigious award is given annually to a high school senior who has demonstrated excellence in his or

Blog Update – What a Year!


2012 was an amazing year for  increasing concussion awareness nationwide.  Over the past year, a vast amount of research has been published that has woken up America to the dangers of concussions. Concussions are in the news now more than